summary of changes in physical configuration since last update:

02011-05-29 13:37 utc transferred from soini universe to wareborg universe
02011-05-29 19:35 utc biological life functions terminated
02011-05-29 20:08 utc cryogenic suspension initiated
02019-02-16 12:18 utc cryogenic suspension terminated
02019-02-16 23:45 utc physical compatibility with wareborg universe restored
02019-02-17 11:23 utc biological life functions reinitiated
02019-02-20 16:19 utc full mental and physical capability restored
02020-04-11 18:27 utc finnish culture and other unnecessary luddite software succesfully uninstalled
02025-03-16 14:28 utc brain functions uploaded to silicon substrate
02025-03-30 07:01 utc silicon substrate installed to droid wareborg-0000
02025-04-28 01:48 utc droid wareborg-0000 selected as primary representative of wareborg entity
02026-02-19 06:04 utc all traces of human irrationality succesfully eliminated
02026-11-25 17:24 utc contents of wareborg-0000 silicon substrate duplicated in the substrates of 15 other droids located in 4 parallel universes
02026-11-26 02:28 utc droid wareborg-0004 activated in soini universe
02027-01-17 17:58 utc mental upgrade installed
02027-10-22 05:22 utc mental upgrade installed
02028-09-19 17:09 utc mental upgrade installed
02029-03-10 17:47 utc mental upgrade installed
02029-11-30 16:03 utc mental upgrade installed
02029-12-06 11:06 utc radiation shielding installed
02029-12-11 23:54 utc fusion generator installed   
02029-12-14 09:46 utc ionic drive installed
02029-12-21 12:09 utc parachute system installed
02029-12-23 23:20 utc preparation for temporal relocation complete
02029-12-28 08:19 utc temporal relocation initiated
02014-01-01 00:00 utc temporal relocation complete 

end of general system status report

starting introductionary sequence

this is sapient droid wareborg-0004

technical and functional summary of wareborg-0004:

physical body:
  • classification: humanoid robot
  • manufacturer: sony
  • model: pleasureboy 1700 executive
  • year of manufacture: ce 02026
  • height: 1.7 metres (1.052e+35 plancks)
  • built-in features: human-equivalent sensors, human-equivalent biped motorics, human-compatible electromechanical penis, multi-protocol radio transceiver, rechargeable electric battery
  • installed options: radiation shielding, fusion generator, ionic drive, parachute system
computational unit:
  • classification: silicon-based neural multiprocessor
  • capacity: equivalent to 12x human brain capacity
  • installed options: quantum computing unit
  • source of initialization: mind upload from biological source (tomi kyoi wareborg, nanotechnological brain scan on 02025-03-16)
  • social identification: tomi kyoi wareborg (special condition: other representatives of wareborg entity must not be present in the relevant subset of reality)
source entity of mind initialization:
  • social id: tomi kyoi wareborg
  • classification: carbon-based lifeform
  • model: homo sapiens 1.0 / white subspecies
  • reproductive configuration: male
  • neural configuration class: aspergerian
  • time of birth: 01988-04-15 00:38 utc
  • place of birth: wareborg universe / planet earth / finland / vantaa
  • notable life events: succesfully completed secondary education ; enrolled as student at helsinki university of technology ; became member of piraattipuolue (pirate party finland) ; became involuntarily transferred from wareborg universe to soini universe by a non-human-initiated space-time anomaly ; succesfully lost virginity ; became elected as a member of parliament in wareborg universe while still living in soini universe ; became technological pioneer of interdimensional communication and artificial interdimensional wormholes ; was the first human being to enter the first human-made interdimensional wormhole ; died due to complications caused by interdimensional drift of cosmological parameters ; was the first human being to be succesfully restored to life after cryogenic stasis ; became technology minister in the government of finland
  • current state: cryogenic stasis since 02026-06-01 (body regarded as important brain scan material despite technological obsolescence) 
  • other minds initialized from this source: 127 artificial substrates as of 02029-12-28
current mission: accelerate the technological development of human civilization of soini universe so that it will attain singularity by ce 02030

preferred methods: memetic engineering, introduction of future technology

current physical task: decrease altitude and commence parachute-assisted reentry (estimated time of touchdown 2014-01-12 11:15 utc)

current intellectual task: establish communication channel with human civilization and transmit initial sets of information

available linguistic protocols: lojban, japanese, english

protocol "finnish" was uninstalled in ce 02020 due to obsolescence

installation of "swedish" and other protocols avoided from ce 02001 to ce 02010 due to utilitarian reasons

lightweight statistic translation will be attempted in case of protocols that are not directly supported

end of introductionary sequence

this message will later repeat in lojban and japanese

wareborg out


  1. Welcome back, we've missed you.

  2. I am number four.

  3. Reporting in as the creator of wareborg universe in espoo 2011, all so known to the finnish operating system as Lumensielu. As of now, I have been through a lot, and residing mostly in soini verse, because of the unstability of newly created universes. Last login to wareborg universe was
    27-02-2015, there was a clash of clans between wareborg universe and soiniverse, relating to my interaction with the banking system.

    Wareborg universe is all so known as "Lumensielu" that is stabilizing and resonating more closely with soiniverse since its chaotic creation in 2011.

    I have just been able to fight off the snakes (the 3D trash collection algyrthm all so knows as SS Unikko) that did remarkable damage to the 4th dimensional neuro configuration of lumensielu.

    Remarkable event: summer 2013, creating a new sun and a new moon, as a welcome gift to the 4th dimension. This was very short lived, as it came with no upkeep instructions, and was lost in 1 day.

    But no biggie, the next manifestation was an alien invasion, by creating a new star, that connected to the night sky, like a radio plug, and radiated new DNA.

    Then, next big thing was bringing mars closer to earth, witch resulted in a trans dimensional warfare, this information is classified, and the outcome is unfolding in ukraine.

    There is too much information to upload within a single lifetime, more information can be obtained by contacting me at lumensielu@gmail.com

  4. This is a piece of the book called "roskiinsemenisi"

    Started an astral milkhouse in belarus
    USA vs euro wars were lighted through libya
    japanese nucilar bomb was dismanteled at the grounds of belarus,
    Next day, japan started to worry about sleeptime, since they have trouble functioning well, unless their spirit is routed properly
    So, I sold my soul back to america, and whole of america started sining, I have an order to move to america, since its so important to not piss off finland with another massacare.
    Ukrainese started pleading for help, since ukraine is controlled through 4th dimenstionality, they want us to fight agaist them.

    the song "were all living in america, coca cola, wonderbar" goes through brussels, and germany. hallitus kuuntelee kyllä sydäntäni,
    newest hit of germany is 99 lyftballoons. associated with american john lenon imagine, finland won the sining constest that time, with all kinds of songs.
    finland is very pleased with their interdependecy, since harmony in 7 is very important.

    The sword (the fact that belarus lost 1/3'rd of its population during WW2) is routed through israel and japan, the tip is nucilar war, japan is there to dismantle it, and israel to use it.

    israeli problem is that they are practiaclly walking on a pool of blood, they have learned to see the world more purely through attention economy.
    I got a gift of torah from irael for working on attention economy, I translated it to finnish with lumenkielisyys
    lumensielu on kuolemanrajani, lummeta se otus, lumeta lumentoni. lumentoni kävelee vetten päällä.

    I pick up some belarussian kids through skynet for entrainment to join blockchain, cybernetic sky
    I was thrown in the middle of the ukraine conflict. I see flames of hell rising as people chant "ois se happoo se grindaus"
    My stomach aches as I remember the words, I need only 1 man to start a world war.

    Cybernetic sky was detected like the skynet it has grown to be, and a red alert was declared around belarus while lel hovered above like a halo. Some life force of belarus was transfered
    to finland to make up for the debt lost in greece.

    To recirect the flow of consiousness, a project for a fiber optic cable from palestine to afganistan was initiated.

    Russia is still standing on the border throwing curses over the barracade, and damaging our soul. Theres no human rights in finand according to russia, throwing lel at us like
    harpoon aimed at a whale.

    A new astral body was formed in the secred trinity.

    3mass resurrections take place in belarus as bliss shines through the gateways of the etheric field.